Healing Wounds


My name is Jemima and I’m a nurse, passionate for wound-caring since graduation.
My dream when I engaged in college was to work with family and community health, but it wasn’t just anywhere, it needed to be in the Amazon!

I’m happy to be reminded of how God lead each moment until I got to this boat, together with Katherine (physician) and Fernando (captain), to be a part of the Luzeiro XXX crew. We do medical care in the river dweller communities.

On the last week of 2017, we went to work in an urban area of the Carauari county, on the banks of the Juruá River. As expected, we had many medical appointments and some nursing appointments.

When we arrived, the community health agent from that area invited me to make some home visits. In one of them I met Mr. R.M.O., a 63-year-old man with leprosy. While we were talking, he reported that he had a fever at certain times and did not feel well. I identified an inflamed pressure injury on the left elbow, which he had not even noticed (because of his poor locomotion) and the right leg was not very well. I asked the doctor to examine him and she noticed an infection on the leg, which later evolved to an injury, despite the antibiotic treatment. We continued to follow up Mr R. for a few more days, but being a patient with leprosy, the wound would take about a month and a half to heal (some live with them for the rest of their lives). I then decided to change Mr. R.’s dressing more often.

At the first appointment I detected the right leg wound infected with some secretion. I did the asepsis and put on a special high-cost dressing that I was gifted with before coming to Luzeiro. Every time I did the procedure, I would pray non-stop. I had always worked with wounds, but never with patients with leprosy. I prayed that God would heal that wound as quickly as possible. When I finished, I warned him not to move and not to let it wet until the next dressing change. We prayed together and said goodbye.

Two days later I came back and I saw the miracle of God. That lesion was no longer infected and we could already see with a naked eye the scarring and the elbow practically healed. Glory to God! I had almost forgotten how joyful it is to see complex wounds healing.

In the mission field we go through many challenges, but the miracles that we see happening around us every day are the greatest proof that God is by our side, taking care of each and every detail.

To see miracles is to feel God very close to us!


About the Author
Jemima Cunha is from João Pessoa, Paraíba State, and is a nurse on the Luzeiro XXX boat, which works in the municipality of Carauari, on the Juruá river.


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