Change of Plans


My husband, Fernando, is the captain of the Luzeiro XXX. I am a doctor and together with Jemima, a nurse, we make up the crew of this boat. Currently we are in Carauari, a city that is 7 days by boat from Manaus. We serve villages in this region by offering medical consultations, an we face many challenges, one of them being the lack of access to fuel in the city due to the distance from the capital, Manaus.

This month, we weren’t able to continue on to the villages on our itinerary, because we weren’t able to get enough fuel in the city. So after praying, we decided to attend to another community that was right here in the city. Although this community was in the city, it had the same characteristics as the jungle villages: they were poor, had poor health, and high rates of drug abuse. Just today, I attended a child brought by its father, complaining about a relatively serious illness.

I examined the child and told him that if proper care wasn’t taken, and they didn’t use the medication correctly, the child would need an emergency surgery really soon. The father looked at me and said: “Doctor, I wasn’t able to get an appointment at the health post, but God sent you here! I am very grateful for this.” Today I remembered that the Word of God says: “Man makes plans, but the answer comes from the Lord.

God definitely sent us to this community because He has special plans for them, and for us too. I ended the day with a feeling of accomplishment and the feeling of being used by God! I am praying for many more days like these! “Here am I, send me”


About the Author
Katherine Silvestre is from São Luís, Maranhão State, and is a physician in the Luzeiro XXX boat, which works in the municipality of Carauari, on the Juruá River.


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