Two Papayas


When we set out in mission, our fruits never last until the end of the trip, because we are not able to store them properly. Either they run out, or they go bad around the 12th day.

We were close to the fifteenth day on a mission trip, and as we spoke among ourselves in the Luzeiro boat, we shared our desire to eat some fruit.

Earlier that week, Mrs. Juracy had an appointment with my wife Katherine, and was now waiting for her daughter to finish a cytology test. That was when I sat next to her and we began talking about many things…

Among many topics, she asked if we had an ophthalmologist, for she no longer saw very well and struggled to read her Bible.

The Spirit of God soon devised in my mind a way to solve her problem…

“Mrs. Juracy, we don’t have an ophthalmologist to aid you with eye problem, but if you want to read the Bible, I can help you with that. Tell me where you live and I’ll come visit you!”

The next day we went to her house, but she had gone out to the flour house, I came back later and she still hadn’t arrived. So left a Bible in big letters with her daughter.

The next day, there she was taking care of her grandchildren…

“Mrs. Juracy! Was the Bible useful?”

“You bet it was! I can already read the Bible again. It’s the best gift one can get!”

As a thank-you gift, I received two papayas, which may seem a little thing to many, but for us it showed how God cares for us by sending fruit, even before we asked!


About the Author
Fernando Silvestre is from São Paulo/SP, and is the Luzeiro XXX captain. He works in the municipality of Carauari, in the Juruá River.


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