The Miracle of Hannah


The Bible tells the story of a barren woman named Hannah. She suffered because she could not have a child. One day, with bitterness of soul, she prayed to the LORD, and wept bitterly crying for a son. The Lord heard her prayer and granted her what she had asked for.

At the beginning of the year, on one of our missions, we met a lady like Hannah. Married 11 years and barren. When we met her, she was prostrate in bed because with no desire to carry on and nothing in life gave her pleasure. We talked to her and we cried out to the God of Hannah. A few months later when we returned there, we found out  that she was pregnant!

Unfortunately at the end of 30 weeks’ gestation, she began to lose fluid and had to undergo urgent surgery. The child was born well, but a few days later, when he was at home, he began to have a fever and difficulty breathing. That’s when we met again. I was happy she was a mommy but  and worried about the baby’s situation. I asked for permission to pray with them and once again, in prayer, we thanked God for the miracle of granting a child to the couple and asked the Lord for the miracle to be complete. We cried out for the Great Healer to heal that child if that was His will.

The next day when I returned, they told me that the child had not had a fever all night. The days passed and I kept visiting that family. Once again I have seen how great the Lord our God is, who not only bestowed the child that the couple longed for, but also healed that child. To Him be all honor and all glory!

You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it. John 14:14


About the Author
Katherine Silvestre is from São Luís/Maranhão and she is the Luzeiro XXX doctor working in the Carauari municipality, on the Juruá River.


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