Love Scars


Leidiane is a 10 year old girl we met in the Roque community, in Carauari. On the second day we were serving the community we received Leidi with an extensive 2nd degree burn on her right thigh (she had ruptured blisters, some kind ointment and secretion running down her leg). My first question was “How did this happen?”. She explained me that it was an accident at home with hot oil. She could barely stretch her leg, and was struggling with pain.

My second (mental) question, “How will I make this dressing without causing more pain?” I prayed in silence and asked for God’s help as I cared for her and for the choice of the best materials to use. I told her that it would be almost impossible for her not to feel no pain. I asked her if she believed in God, she said yes. I invited her to pray so that the procedure would not hurt as much. Our prayer was answered on the spot!

I scheduled the 2nd dressing 48 hours after the first. She showed up with a smile on her face, walking a little better, sharing that the pain was decreasing. I opened the dressing and to my surprise, it really was better! On that day, I made another silent prayer in my heart. “Lord, it is my will to stay in this community until the healing is complete, you know that what I am asking is almost impossible because we only have 9 days in this community, but I trust in You, amen . “

I arrived on Sunday to visit the community and as she meets me she says “Jemima, I was pushed into the river, but I already changed the dressing.” At that moment I thought “My work was in vain”, so I warned her, “You do know your leg can get worse, right?”. She just shook her head with a ‘I did not know’ look on her face. That day, Katherine (doctor) and I were very distressed, because it was a mission trip with very few medication donations (almost none to be honest). Katherine was very worried because in case her leg got infected we had almost no antibiotics.

On Monday she came to the clinic with her leg aching and with an odor we could smell before even taking off the bandage. When the bandages were removed, we saw the result of the innocent game in the river: greenish and fetid secretion. Until then we had decided in joint conduct with the doctor not to introduce any oral antibiotics, only local; but when she saw Leidiane, she decided to take a new course of action. We were sad to see that the healing had regressed, but our trust in God made us look beyond. We scheduled 24 hours later the dressing and we prayed again before she left asking God to continue performing the miracle.

The next day when she went to the clinic, the odor had disappeared and the secretion wasn’t leaking out the bandage. We only had 7 days left to finish the appointments there, would  it be enough time? Trust in God and prayer did were always part of our routine with each bandage. The days passed and on Sunday the change of the dressing was made by the Community Health Agent, since he would continue doing her dressings after we were no longer in the community.On Monday I told Leidiane that on Tuesday I would change the dressing for the last time.

When I got to her house with Kathe, I called her “Leidiane, ready to change the dressing?”

From the window she asked, “Do I need to take the bandage?”

“No, I brought you a new one.”

And there she came, the wide-smile girl, walking perfectly and saying “Jemima, I removed the bandage just now and look at how it is, do I still have to do it?”

When we looked at her leg, Katherine and I did not believe it – it was totally healed! Not because of our merits, but to the glory of God alone. Seeing every miracle is feeling God very close to us!


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Jemima Cunha é natural de João Pessoa/PB, e é enfermeira na lancha Luzeiro XXX, que trabalha no município de Carauari, no rio Juruá.


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