In addition to the medical launches, the Luzeiro Project has 2 health posts located in strategic regions that serve hundreds of riverdwellers each year. One of the stations is in New Jerusalem on the Massauari River. There we have a nurse who lives in the community. The other station is in Rosa de Sarón, in the Manacapuru river, where we have another operational base. In this community we also have a resident nurse who attends both on the post and visiting other communities.
Like the Luzeiro launches, the health posts of Rosa de Sarón and Nova Jerusalém are open to receive volunteers who wish to work in the Amazon jungle. If you are a doctor, dentist, nurse or psychologist, and wish to dedicate your vacation to serve the riverdwellers, please contact us. We are sure that your presence will be a great blessing to these people, who have no access to health care. Click on the link below, sign up and come spend some time with us.

Diego and Juliana

Missionary and Nurse
Rosa de Sarón Health post