Leo e Jessie Halliwell

The first Luzeiro boat was inaugurated in July 1931 by the couple Leo and Jessie Halliwell, with the goal of bringing spiritual health, sanitary education and free medical and dental assistance to the needy riverside populations of the Amazon. Imagine that today, we have GPS, sonar, maps and radio all available, but in 1930, we had none of that. This brave pioneer couple left Belém with their Luzeiro I boat, and returned home after 7 months! Trust in God was really the key to the success of this work, which was responsible for the beginning of the Adventist Church in the Amazon.
The boat where Leo, Jessie and their two children lived was not only their home, but it also worked as a church, hospital, and ambulance. There are countless incredible stories of miracles at a time when, due to the lack of resources and knowledge, the hand of God could be felt in an impressive way by this family, who left everything behind and dedicated their lives to bring love, healing and especially, to bring Jesus to a people who had never heard of our Savior.
Several other Luzeiro launches have been built in the last 80 years, serving the needy populations along the many Amazonian rivers. During these 80 years, thousands of people were directly benefited by the support provided by the boats. In many cases, this was the only way these people could get any medical and dental care.
The time has passed, but even today, access to the thousands of riverside communities bordering the Amazon is done almost exclusively by boats. Not as many people die of malaria as before, but to this day, people remain for years without seeing a doctor or a dentist. And that is precisely why this project continues, and today we are already at Luzeiro 30.
If you are healthcare professional and feel the desire to volunteer in one of our boats, click on the link below and learn how to participate!